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Message from the Director    

Kerala in South Western India has a long tradition in the art of writing and manufacture of manuscripts.

The ezhuttu pallikkudam and ezhuthasan of early Kerala provided were the pillars of this educational heritage.

Thousands of manuscripts in various subjects: Kavya, Drama, Grammar, Medicine, Mathematics and Astronomy, etc. were produced during this time.

         The Tunjan Manuscript Repository of the University of Calicut  is preserving nearly 8000 more grantha texts. They include a copy of tantrasamuccaya, written in 1719.
          We welcome scholars and researchers who are interested in Epigraphy, History, Numismatics, Palaeography, Sanskrit, Malayalam Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and interdisciplinary research to this repository.

Manju M P






Dr. Manju M P
Tunjan Manuscript Repository,
University of Calicut, Kerala, India

Mob: 9946365600



Tunjan Manuscript Repository is located near the campus circle, next to the CHLibrary. The TMR is functioning in a separate building since 2009.


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