The Tunjan Manuscript Repository (TMR), established as part of the Department of Malayalam & Kerala Studies in 1971, became the second largest collection of manuscripts in the Kerala State. The then Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Gini appointed Sri. K.K. Karunakaran as the Research Assistant of the Repository. He travelled throughout the Kerala State to collect manuscripts. The work of preparing a catalogue was started during the tenure of Prof. K.N. Ezhuthassan. Prof. S. Guptan Nair, faculty of the Department (1974-78) also collected some manuscripts.

Sri. K. Velayudhan was appointed as the Manuscript Keeper in 1975. Dr. S. Venkita Subrahmanya Ayyar prepared a Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts when he was appointed as the Visiting Professor in 1980.

In 1981, Dr. M. M. Purushothaman Nair was appointed as in charge of the Manuscript Repository. He together with Sri. Anantapadmanabhan Nair and Sri. Padmanabhan Nair started the work of preparing a catalogue, and later published it as Malayalam Taliyola Granthasooji, a detailed catalogue of 800 manuscripts. In this period, Sri. K. K. Karunakaran and Sri. P.M. Vijayappan worked hard and collected more than 5400 manuscripts. They prepared a Nominal Bibliography of 2000 manuscripts. Dr. A. Ayyappan, the Hon. Vice-Chancellor of the Kerala University guided the work of the manuscript repository during this period. Prof. Sukumar Azheekkode and Prof. Chathanath Achyuthanunni also took interest in maintaining the Repository.

An eminent Sanskrit scholar, Sri. Edamana Kesavan Nampoothiri has also worked in the Manuscript Repository since 2003. He prepared a X-List for the unpublished manuscripts. Kesavan Nampoothiri assisted many scholars including George Geevarghese Joseph in their research work related to the astronomical tradition of Kerala. Prof. T. Pavithran published some texts during his tenure as the Head of the Department of Malayalam & Kerala Studies.

On 16.12.2021, the University appointed Dr. Manju M P, Assistant Professor of the Department of Malayalam and Kerala Studies as Director of the Manuscript Repository. A Committee was also nominated for the Tunjan Manuscript Repository on 06.01.2022. Members of the Committee are the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the Director IQAC, the Director DOR, Dr M T Ramesan, Dr T V Madhu, Dr M K Sundareswaran, Dr Haridas V V and Dr. Manju M P (Director).

The Repository holds nearly 8000 manuscripts including rare palm-leaf bundles, copper plates, coins, bamboo and paper manuscripts. The digitisation of these manuscripts is in progress.

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