09.05.2024   Smt. Deepthi P C is the new Section of officer of the TMR (UO)
23.03.2023   UO Regarding the Contribution of 7767 Books by the Institute of Advanced Study Trichur (UO)
21.03.2023   Report of the First Internship Programme in the TMR (Report)
12.08.2022   Visit of Ushus S Unnikrishnan, Research Assistant on 01.08.2022 (Report)
02.08.2022   Students of Golden Hills Arts & Science College, Elettil, Kozhikode Visited TMR on 02.08.2022 (Report)
04.07.2022   NAAC Contingency Fund Allotted to TMR (UO)
30.06.2022   Sri. Sreehari Sreenivas, Research Scholar Visited TMR on 30.06.2022 (Report)
22.06.2022   Hareesh Vaidyar Visited TMR on 22 June 2022 (Report)
22.06.2022   Students of the Journalism Department Visited TMR on 22.06.2022 (Report)
22.06.2022   Students of the Hikkamiya Arts & Science College Visited TMR on 22 June 2022 (Report)
14.06.2022   TMR Consultation Service (Report)
14.06.2022   Visit of Dr Faheem Aydeed Thangal (Report)
09.06.2022   Students from the Dept. of Malayalam & Kerala Studies Visited TMR (Report)
07.06.2022   Visit of Gean T George, Phoenix International School, Patna, Bihar (Report)
27.05.2022   Budget Head Sanctioned to the TMR (UO)
06.05.2022   University Sanctioned Separate Budget head for the TMR (UO)
21.04.2022   Visit of Students of the Dept. of Sanskrit, University of Calicut (Report)
12.04.2022   Financial Powers of the Director, TMR (UO)
08.04.2022   John R Feeman, Duke University, USA Visited TMR on 08.04.2022 (Report)
06.04.2022    Smt. Sheena Issac is the Section Officer of the TMR (UO)
01.04.2022   Write Up about the TMR Published by the Bhashaposhini in April 2022 (Article
25.03.2022   Visit of Students from the Hindi Department (Report)
23.03.2022   Visit of Museology Students from the SSUS Kaladi (Report)
10.03.2022   Report of the International Seminar Held in March 2022 (Report)
03.03.2022   Visit to Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala (Report)
24.02.2022   Visit of Student of the Dept. of Arabic, University of Calicut (Report)
16.02.2022   Launching of the Website of Tunjan Manuscript Repository (Report)


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